You can count on KLM

We are dedicated to making travel hassle-free – for you and for everyone on board. If your trip does not go according to plan, we are especially committed to helping you to continue your journey as quickly as possible.

We’ll keep you informed

From the moment you book your ticket until you board your flight, we will let you know straight away if your flight is delayed or cancelled, or if your gate changes. We can contact you via e-mail, text message and telephone – simply enter your contact details in your KLM account,  your Flying Blue space, or via My Trip.

You also have access to updated information from KLM on Facebook, Messenger , through our Twitter account, on or via your travel agent.

Throughout your journey, you can count on the attentive and personal support of our ground staff and cabin crew.


Contact us 24/7 via our social networks

If you have any questions, requests or comments, you can always . Our social media teams are available 24/7 and will always try to respond as soon as possible.

You can also contact us by telephone. For opening hours in your country and for more details, check the Customer Support page.


Number 1 in punctuality

You want to stay on schedule. When you need to arrive on time, the most punctual airline in the world hopes to welcome you on board.

most punctual airline

If your flight is delayed or cancelled

A delayed or cancelled flight, or missing a transfer connection is extremely frustrating and a huge inconvenience. Together we can find a solution and try to minimise the nuisance:

  • We will rebook you on one of the best available alternative flights, giving preference to Air France, KLM and SkyTeam partners.
  • We will provide your new schedule via e-mail, text message or telephone.
  • If you prefer, you can request an alternative flight directly via our call centres, social media, or your travel agent.
  • You can find the latest information regarding your journey via My Trip. In certain situations, you can also rebook yourself when you log in to My Trip.

In any event, we will ensure that your baggage is automatically delivered to your final destination.

To take care of your essential requirements, we will offer you coupons for food and beverages, as well as a prepaid telephone card. If necessary, we will also arrange a hotel stay, including transportation to and from your accommodation.

If your journey was interrupted, because your flight was overbooked for example, or if you were given a seat in a different travel class, we guarantee to offer you compensation.

Read all about .


About getting a refund or compensation

If your flight is cancelled or delayed more than 3 hours, you can choose to postpone your trip to a later date (depending on availability). If your journey does not serve its purpose anymore, you can cancel your trip. If you are transferring, you may also opt for a return flight to the first point of departure as noted on the ticket (if applicable). We will then also give you a refund which you can request in just a few steps on (Fill in a refund form via our Customer support page) or through your travel agency.

You may also be entitled to re-imbursement of additional costs you had to make: our colleagues of KLM Customer Contact Centre will gladly tell you more!

Similarly, if you could not enjoy your purchase of an extra option (such as an extra comfortable seat), the easiest way to get a refund is to go to and fill in a refund form.


Onboard care

We always strive to provide you with great service on board. If you have any difficulty with your seat, your meal, the entertainment system or with anything else, please inform the cabin crew. They will do their very best to make your time on board as pleasant and comfortable as possible, for example by offering an alternative or compensation.


Delayed baggage

If possible, we will inform you straightaway if your baggage is missing upon arrival.* This way you won’t waste time waiting for it at the baggage carrousel. Our staff at the baggage service desk will help you to complete a baggage report so that they know what type of bag they need to look for. After arrival at certain airports, you can also via**

We will contact you as soon as your baggage is ready to be collected or delivered, and we will gladly compensate the cost of any essential purchases you have made. For all your baggage concerns, simply let us know within 7 days of your arrival. In the unlikely event that we cannot locate your baggage within 21 days, or if it was damaged while in our care, we will of course offer you compensation.

* If we have your contact information and if we have located the baggage elsewhere.
** You can report delayed baggage online at following stations: Almaty, Athens, Barcelona, Christiansand, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Linköping, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Paris, Milan, Oslo, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Stockholm, Trondheim or Yerevan


Extra special care for our loyal customers

As a Flying Blue member, you enjoy personal privileges. Elite and Elite Plus members also have priority access to our call centres. To find out about all of your benefits: read more about Flying Blue .


We appreciate your feedback

Throughout your journey, your experience is what counts! That is why we let independent research agencies conduct surveys to know what you think of us and our service:

  • Satisfaction and Service Conformity surveys  (by Kantar and Qualtrics): after your flight you may be invited via e-mail to take part in a satisfaction survey. Next to that, a selection of Flying Blue members is asked to observe the quality of our service during a flight.
  • Customer Care Monitor (by InSites Consulting): with this monitor we measure the customer valuation of how we deal with complaints.
  • Contact Centre Evaluations (by BVA and MediaTech): with these studies we measure how our call centres are performing.
  • We also take part in other studies executed by third parties like IATA and Schiphol, and run several ad hoc studies.

With the answers you provide us, we evaluate and try to improve our services. Your personal data will never be used for commercial offers or mailings unless after your explicit permission.

If our efforts to make your journey as smooth as possible did not live up to your expectations, please let us know! We will do our very best to improve our service and KLM Customer Contact Centre will get back to you promptly.
At KLM, we do our utmost to honour our commitments. In certain extraordinary circumstances, these commitments may not be achievable, and we apologise if not all of your expectations have been met.
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to give us your opinion.