Travel agent information

We have prepared a text for you that you can use to inform your travel agent about your BlueBiz membership.

Information to send to your travel agent

To earn Blue Credits, the BlueBiz number of your company must be specified in the reservation of the person travelling. 

Where and how should your travel agent include the BlueBiz number in the reservation?

The BlueBiz number has to be inserted in the OSI field according to the following entries:

Technical format (for travel agents)

  • For Amadeus - OS YY OIN GB12345

  • For Galileo - SI.YY*OIN GB12345

  • For Sabre - Worldspan - Abacus - Infini - 3OSI YY OIN GB12345

  • Others - OSI specific GDS followed by YY OIN GB12345


GB12345 stands for the BlueBiz number. Please note that in order to earn Blue Credits, the ticket must be bought in the country of BlueBiz membership and the BlueBiz number should be included in the reservation before the ticket is printed.

You can use the information above to send to your travel agent and ensure that you earn Blue Credits every time your travel agents books your flight.