Our way of rewarding our amazing blogger partners

What is the Wings Club?

The Wings Club is our way of telling the world that we think a particular blogger should be recognised for their great working relationship with us. Whether they’ve worked with us consistently for a long time, taken the initiative and used their imagination in cool and interesting ways, or created some excellent content in partnership with us, we think this blogger is awesome – and we want to help them show their excellence to the world. They’ve earned their Wings!

The rewards

The Wings Club
Wings Club members fall into three tiers – bronze, silver, and gold.

Bronze members will receive a cool digital and physical badge to wear with pride - on their blog, or on their jacket. On their blog, the badge links to this page, to show everyone how great their relationship with us is. On their jacket… well, it just looks stylish! As the blogger goes up through the tiers, we will give them silver and gold versions of both the digital and physical badges too.

Silver members will receive a goody pack together with KLM merchandise to help make all of their traveling a little bit more stylish, on top of the upgraded silver badge.

Gold Wings Club members receive a Gold Flying Blue card, with all of the benefits that confers, including lounge access at our airports and priority boarding on KLM flights. These are the bloggers that we absolutely love to work with, and we want to recognize them as best we can as a truly excellent partner of KLM.

How to earn your wings

Are you an awesome blogger like our friends Rexy Edventures, The Fly Away American and Mums Gone To? Interested in becoming a preferred partner of KLM? Great! We’re always looking for new bloggers to work with for mutual benefit, and we always welcome pitches and proposals for content or events that we can help bring to life. If you want to work with us, please email our Digital PR agency, Bell Pottinger: If we’re a great fit, you’ll be earning your Wings in no time!

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