1. What are the specific benefits of each tier?

The Wings Club
  • Bronze Wings – this is the first step. So you’ll receive both a Bronze Wings pin badge and a Bronze e-badge to display on your blog. At this stage, you’ll benefit from access to any events that are unique to the Wings club and, as a loyal partner, we will be happy to recommend you to our partners. You’ll also automatically become a preferred partner of ours, gaining priority above proposals we receive from non-Wings members.
  • Silver Wings – the next stage of the Club. In addition to the benefits of Bronze, you’ll now receive both a Silver Wings pin badge and a Silver e-badge to display on your blog. As a Silver member you’ll receive a goodie welcome pack. Additionally on Air France you’ll receive a luxury co-branded Air France-Delsey cabin bag. And on KLM: a cool KLM branded weekend bag.
  • Gold Wings – upon reaching our top tier you’ll receive both a Gold Wings pin badge, and also a gold e-badge to display on your site. Best of all, as a loyal Winger member, you’ll also be awarded our frequent flier programme, Flying Blue, Gold Elite status card. Here, benefits include use of Business Class check-in desks, free lounge access, extra baggage allowance and SkyPriority treatment when travelling.

2. How is my content rated?

Content is assessed on a number of factors which takes into consideration quality of copy, inclusion of key messages we would like to relay, media including images and video created, links to our website, plus different channels used. We also take into account your engagement with our social media channels.

3. How long will it take me to be moved to the next tier?

This depends on quality of coverage, rated as outlined in question 2 when collaborating together and what current projects we are working on.

4. How do I update my account? Do I need to let you know when I’ve posted content or will you keep track?

Please be sure to keep us posted on any coverage and support you have offered, so that we can assess your level.

5. What is the Gold Flying Blue card?

We appreciate your loyalty. And in return, we’ll to treat you as a VIP. Our Flying Blue Gold Elite status is designed for frequent flyers who expect comfort when they travel, and so we extend this service to our most loyal bloggers.

You’ll enjoy benefits including*:
- Priority check-in
- Priority baggage drop-off
- Priority boarding
- 1 extra item on flights operated by Air France, KLM and SkyTeam partners - Access to all SkyTeam Lounges worldwide with the possibility to bring 1 guest free
- 50% discount on seats such as KLM Economy Comfort, Seats with extra legroom and Air France extra seating options

6. As a gold member, do my benefits work worldwide?

You bet! For instance, lounges and SkyPriority airport ground services can be found in almost all of our worldwide airports.

7. As a gold member, do I get the same benefits for both AIR FRANCE and KLM?

Correct! When traveling on a paid ticket, or a ticket while working with us on a blogger trip, your benefits will remain the same regardless if you travel with AIR FRANCE or KLM.

8. As a gold member, can the person accompanying me in the trip take advantage of some of my benefits as a Wings Club member?

Absolutely! As long as you are travelling on the same booking, you’ll have full access to the SkyTeam lounges to tweet away in!

9. What are the terms and conditions of becoming a Wings member?

  • By accepting your ‘Wings’ you agree to host an e-badge on your blog with a live link back to our Wings landing page.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our endorsement at any time, at which point you will be asked to remove the e-badge from your site within 7 days.
  • You reserve the right to withdraw your membership and endorsement at any time, at which point you are free to remove the e-badge from your site within 7 days.
  • By accepting our Wings you are not prohibited from working with other brands or airlines.
  • All editorial control will remain with you – even though you are a Wings member, we will never ask you to change the editorial content of your blog posts.
  • While receiving priority, Wings members will still go through the same proposal application process as non-members; as a result we cannot guarantee that all proposals will be accepted.
  • *Subject to availability. Flying Blue Gold Elite terms and conditions apply, which can be found here.