Bringing weapons and ammunition

Do you want to bring firearms and ammunition for sports and hunting purposes? These may only be transported as check-in baggage. Make sure to have the appropriate licences and reserve for transportation well in advance.

Prepare your trip

When bringing your (replica) firearms or ammunition, please keep the following in mind:
  • You need to have all the required permits in your possession.
  • Ammunition may only be intended for shooting sport.
  • Firearms must be unloaded. Both firearms and cartridges must be and safely packed.
  • Rifles must be transported separately from the ammunition. Firearms and ammunition should be packed separately from other personal belongings.
  • Baggage containing ammunition may not carry labels with the text “explosives”.
  • Transporting ammunition with explosive or flammable projectiles is not permitted.
  • When checking in your baggage, you will need to declare that your weapon is unloaded and the ammunition has been packed separately.

Reservation, documents and licences

To take your firearms or ammunition with you on your flight, please take the following steps:

1. Make a reservation via your travel agent or via the KLM Customer Contact Centre.
2. Make sure you have these documents: 3. Apply for a licence from the Dutch customs authorities for travel with weapons or ammunition to, from or via the Netherlands.

Apply for a licence to travel with weapons

To gain permission for the transport of firearms and ammunition, you need to complete an application form for your departure and return trip, and provide copies of the passport of the weapon license holder, the weapon license, and the invitation or permission of the country in which the hunting will take place.

To download the application form for a license to transport firearms, please go to the website of the Dutch customs authorities .

The Dutch customs authorities will return the forms together with a licence and will inform the customs authorities and security department at Schiphol. This process may take up to 8 weeks.

During your trip, you will need to have the relevant licence forms with you. If you do not have the licences required with you, your firearms and ammunition could be confiscated.

Exceptions: no licence needed

The following passengers do not need to apply for a licence from the Dutch customs authorities:
  • Hunters who are resident in the Netherlands, when they travel to or from the Netherlands and have a valid hunting licence. The firearms in question must be indicated on the hunting licence.
  • Members of a shooting club who are resident in the Netherlands, when they travel to or from the Netherlands, and only if they can provide a written invitation or declaration from a shooting club in the destination country.
  • Passengers with an EU passport who are travelling within the European Union and have an official EU firearms pass in passport format. This EU firearms pass must have been issued in the name of the passenger and for the firearm in question. Please note: some EU countries issue firearms passes that do not have the EU reference. Holders of these passes do need to have a licence.
  • Military personnel who are travelling as instructed by the government (NATO, the United Nations).