KLM Takes Care website live

20 June 2012 | From introducing biofuels to improving children’s living conditions, the new KLM Takes Care website shows you how we are taking responsibility.

Taking care of people and planet

KLM Takes Care

KLM feels it is important to take responsibility, being one of the bigger players in the aviation industry.

We also believe that taking action now and investing in the future are equally important. That is why we are involved in many different projects.

As a result of our continuous efforts, we have proudly topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for several years now.

You can now find all facts, figures and many interesting stories about our efforts on a brand new website: www.klmtakescare.com.


KLM Takes Care logo

When travelling with us, you can recognise our involvement by the KLM Takes Care logo. You can find it for example on our tea and coffee cups on board, which are 100% biodegradable!


Fly CO2 neutral!

When travelling, you can erase your footprint in the sky. Simply compensate the CO2 emissions of your flights online, when booking or via My Trip. Your contribution to our CO2ZERO program is directly invested in various projects.

Calculate the CO2 compensation for your flight