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All about checking in

Start your journey the way you want to. Check in now and avoid the queues! You can use your mobile phone or the self-service check-in machine at the airport.

No computer nearby? Use your mobile phone

All about check-in

No computer near you, but want to check in quickly and easily? Save time and check in by using your mobile phone with Internet access.

When and how to use mobile check-in 

Check-in at the airport

Full-service or self-service? KLM agents and check-in machines are standing by to speed up your way through the airport.

How does it work? 

When do I have to be at the airport?

Want to know the check-in times at the airport from which you will be departing? You can also view the baggage drop-off points at all airports.

Check-in options

Frequently asked questions

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