Travel Restrictions

International Airport Business Man

Repatriation flights by KLM are in strict compliance with the EXIT and ENTRY regulations applicable at origin and destination as defined by the competent authorities.

Current approvals received by KLM  for repatriation operations ex India allow travel of the following :
  • EU Nationals returning to home country ( including PR holding spouse and children below 18 years  of age accompanied or otherwise) 
  • Indian nationals with long-term EU residency permit  with final destination within Europe.
  • All other foreign nationals returning to their home country.
  • Indian nationals with  Green Cards, Permanent Resident permit to Canada, USA & other countries will be allowed to travel only in case of the specified family connection i.e Spouse is a national of the destination country*  

Not included in the current repatriation scope : 

Holders of Green cards , resident permit holders as independent travellers*( with exceptions as above) , Individuals who hold a resident permit based on student status , Visa Type D issued for Schengen States , all short stay visas, student visas and tourist visas.

Passengers are requested  to recheck  travel eligibility based on the above and on the regulations mentioned on the respective country’s regulatory website and accordingly purchase tickets at their own responsibility. Passengers are personally responsible to comply with the regulations.

The above regulations are subject to updates.

All passengers have to comply by health and sanitization measures applicable by the airlines and at origin & destination countries.