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On you can take an option to buy your selected flight ticket for a period of up to 14 days.

Time to Think terms & conditions


When booking ticket(s) online, visitors of can choose to take an option on the right to buy ticket(s) for the selected flights and fare conditions at the offered price. An option is valid for a time period of up to 14 days (“Option Period”). During the Option Period the offered price and the fare conditions of the selected flights will not be changed.  

The price for taking an option varies between EUR 10 and EUR 15, or an equivalent in your local currency, per ticket. The amount paid for an option is non-refundable and in addition to the price of the ticket.  

Before the Option Period expires, the person who has taken the option will receive a confirmation e-mail. He also receives an e-mail reminder depending on the time before departure. The Option Period expiry time is local time

The person who has taken the option can finalise the reservation in several ways:  

1.By clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail or in the reminder e-mail;

2.By going to, and clicking on the “Saved flights” link on the homepage

3.By going to and logging on to “My Trip”, using the booking code that was stated at the time of taking the option.  

Next, the reservation can be finalised by paying for the ticket(s) online.  

If the Option Period expires, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.  

An option is strictly personal and not transferable. Taking an option is possible for all Take Off fares, Take Off flexible fares, Economy flexible fares and World Business Holiday fares.