Travelling in a group

If you are travelling with 10 or more passengers (excluding children under 2 years) on the same flight, KLM offers you the advantage of competitive group fares, flexible ticketing options and dedicated support in booking your group’s travel. If you would like to book a group, or request information, please contact the KLM Service Centre.

Benefits of booking a group

  • The same fare for all passengers in a group
  • Time to Think before you make your reservation binding with a group contract
  • Flexibility in payment and cancellation conditions
  • Free name and passenger changes before tickets are issued
  • Add more passengers to a group later (the fare for added passengers may differ)
  • One group contract for KLM and partner flights (Air France, Hop, Delta and Kenya Airways)
Depending on market and/or period of booking, group size, number of days before departure, special events, promotions, available seats at the moment of booking, payment and cancellations, conditions may differ. Please contact the the KLM Service Centre for more details for your market.