Passenger advisory for Indian airports

KLM would like to remind all passengers that the recommended minimum reporting time for check in at Delhi International airport is 3 hours prior to flight departure time.

Minimum recommended reporting time

This is in view that our arrival and departure timings are during "peak hours" of airport operations, coinciding with those of several airlines. 

We regret that you may not be accepted for your KLM flight in the event that you report for 
check in less than one hour before flight departure time.

Further we also request all our passengers to proceed directly to immigration after collecting their boarding pass from our check in counters. Please note that passengers who are not inside the security hold area 30 minutes prior to departure time will be offloaded from the flight.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to passengers due to these measures which have been necessitated due to the extreme congestion prevailing at Indian airports.  


Important hand baggage security guidelines for all flights ex-India

As per order of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) the following additional security measures for passenger hand baggage have been implemented:

No liquid items / gels / paste or items of similar consistency are permitted to be carried in hand baggage or on the person of a passenger boarding the aircraft. Exempted are medicine / inhalers accompanied by prescription and baby food.

Passengers are allowed to carry separately, in small quantities for the duration of the journey, liquid items / gels / pastes or items of similar consistency in one clear transparent resealable one liter size plastic bag. Each item, however, should not exceed 100 ml in quantity.

Only one piece of hand baggage (with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm) per person will be allowed onto the aircraft. Any passenger carrying more than one piece of hand baggage may be directed back from the security check area to the airline check in counter.