Travelling with liquid tax-free purchases

Planning on tax free shopping at the airport? Make sure to check the local airport rules for travel with liquids in your hand baggage.

Travel within Europe

On trips within Europe, you can travel with your tax free liquid purchases. Liquids such as liquor and perfume will be packed and sealed for you. The seal is valid for one day. You may not break the seal until you have reached your final destination, even if your journey includes a transfer.

Travel to or from non-EU countries

If you will transfer at an EU airport, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you may bring duty-free liquids and gels bought at non-EU airports. However, while transferring at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, these liquids will be checked at the gate.

Travel to the United States: you may only bring tax free liquids on board that were purchased and sealed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

If you are transferring in the United States or Canada, your check-in baggage will not be labelled through to your final destination. We advise you to pack any tax-free liquids purchased earlier in your check-in baggage.

Important: at other airports the local rules always apply. Please make sure to check these before travelling with liquids.