The KLM Media app

Sit back, relax and let your journey begin! The KLM Media app lets you download your favourite reads and enjoy them on board, from the comfort of your own smartphone or tablet.

Download newspapers and magazines prior to your flight


  • Download newspapers and magazines every time you fly KLM
  • Just enter your booking details, your Flying Blue space or KLM account
  • The full collection opens up 30 hours before departure
  • Browse a wealth of global media covering news, sports, interior design, fashion and much more
  • Downloads get stored on your own device, allowing offline reading during your journey


How many issues can you download?

If you’ve booked a KLM marketed or operated flight, you are eligible for a certain number of downloads. Travelling Business Class? Feel free to indulge, as you’re offered unlimited access to the entire collection. In Economy Class, the number of downloadable media varies based on your Flying Blue status:

  • Non Flying Blue                                      2 newspapers + 2 magazines
  • Flying Blue Ivory                                     4 newspapers + 4 magazines
  • Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum       Unlimited access

Can’t wait to give the KLM Media app a try? A limited number of reads is available even if you’re not flying with us, for example the latest inflight magazines.


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