Travelling with minors

Useful information when minors travel

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Minors travelling out of Italy to other countries need to have the papers required by customs authorites. Please check for any updates before your journey.

We wish to draw your attention to a new Italian law in case a minor of less than 14 years is not travelling with his/her parents or tutor, or if the name of the accompanying person is not mentioned on the passport. In order to leave Italy the minor needs a formal document called "Dichiarazione di accompagno", issued by the police following a written request signed by the parents or legal guardian in which it stated the name of adult, the institution (in the case of a school group trip or study) or the transport company to whom the minor is entrusted.

In order to ensure a safe journey of the minors, we always recommend to consult the competent offices to learn about the existing legislation, both for countries of origin/destination and transit, but also on the grounds of the passenger's nationality.