Spanish language service via KLM on Facebook and Twitter

2 Febbraio 2012 | Our Spanish speaking followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter can now post and tweet their every question or request for KLM in their own language.

Contact KLM in Spanish

Contact KLM in Spanish

Adding Spanish, besides English and Dutch, is a major step in helping our customers, passengers, fans and followers even better.

Spanish is spoken worldwide by some 329 million people in 21 countries, which makes it the third world language.

Especially our followers of KLM on Facebook and KLM on Twitter in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Spain will benefit from this possibility. But also in the United States there are many Spanish speakers who can now get in touch with us in their mother tongue.


24/7 answers and service

Besides answering your questions, we can arrange lots of things for you via Facebook and Twitter. For example, rebooking or cancelling tickets, or arranging travel extras such as selecting a seat on board, taking extra baggage, or ordering an à la carte meal.

Our Spanish language service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We strive to answer questions within 1 hour and offer a solution within 24 hours.

We are working on helping our customers in even more languages in the future.

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