Incentive scheme

The Blue Credits your company earns on each flight depend on the destination and booking class. One Blue Credit equals one JPY.

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Incentive scheme

Japan - EuropeAirFranceKLMBlue credit
First P,   FNone60,000
Business J,  CJ,  C25,000
I,  ZI,  Z15,000
Premium Economy W,  S,  ANone12,500
Economy Y,  B,  MY,  B,  M6,000
U,  K,  H,  LU,  K,  H,  L3,500
Q,  T,  N,  R,  VQ,  T,  N,  R,  V2,000

Flight within EuropeAirFranceKLMBlue credit
Business JJ3,000
D, I, ZD, I, Z1,600
Economy W,Y,B,MY,B,M1,200
U, KU, K700
H,  LH, L500
T,Q, EW,S,A,T,Q,E500


France DomesticAirFranceBlue credit
Business J1,500
Economy W,S,A,Y600


Fares which have not been published and also children and baby fares have been excluded. This table is only for BlueBiz participants registrated in Japan. These tables are subject to change. For more information see Terms & Conditions.