Fuel Surcharge Information

Last updated on 26th August 2021

Applicable fuel surcharge to tickets issued in Japan between 1st October 2021 and 30th November 2021

11,100 JPY per International flight to/from Japan

2,200 JPY per Medium Haul flight to/from Amsterdam

Fares: Above fuel surcharge is applied to all types of KLM airfares, for tickets issued in Japan.
Exception: Infant fare for under 2 years old not using a seat. Train sectors. Flying Blue Award tickets.
How to collect: Insurance surcharge is added to above fuel surcharge.(code YR) Insurance surcharge fee is 800 JPY per coupon.

*As an exception, 30,700 JPY per one way from Japan to South America (including Insurance surcharge)

Counter measure for the fuel price change: The price is based on the Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price. When the most recent two-month average of Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price is lower than prices listed in the following table, we will apply for the approval to the related Governments and revise fuel surcharge as below, for ticket issued from the month after the next.

Kerosene-Jet fuel Singapore price (1 barrel)

Fuel surcharge
for flights from Japanese airports

under 15,000 JPY

31,500 JPY

under 14,000 JPY

28,500 JPY

under 13,000 JPY

24,500 JPY

under 12,000 JPY

20,500 JPY

under 11,000 JPY

17,000 JPY

under 10,000 JPY

13,500 JPY

under 9,000 JPY

10,000 JPY

under 8,000 JPY

6,500 JPY

under 7,000 JPY

3,000 JPY

under 6,000 JPY


Fuel Surcharge
effective from
Revision inbased on
the two-month average in
February 1stDecember
October - November
April 1stFebruary
December - January
June 1stApril
February - March
August 1stJune
April - May
October 1stAugust
June - July
December 1stOctober
August - September