Coronavirus (COVID-19) related information

Updated on 16 September 2020

1. Re-entry for foreign nationals per 01 September

From 1st of September foreign nationals residing in Japan with the status of resident will be able to leave and re-enter Japan. Before leaving Japan, please read carefully the re-entry information & procedures from the Japanese authorities.

Re-entry information: 

Re-entry procedures: 

Covid-19 test prior to departure to Japan

One of the requirements for re-entry is having a negative Covid-19 test certificate issued within 72-hrs prior to departure to Japan. Please refer to the KLM Health Services website for more information on taking a corona-test before your flight.  

Transportation from NRT/KIX airport back home

Upon arrival in Japan, please take into account that it is not allowed to take any form of public transportation (including regular taxi). Usage of own car (airport parking or valet) is allowed or pick-up arrangements (e.g. private hired taxi service) needs to be made in advance. Please refer to below websites:

Private transportation: 

Airport parking information :  


2. A smooth journey starts with careful preparation.

While still at home, KLM strongly recommends all customers to: 

  • Ensure that you have the correct travel documents. 
  • Fill out the personal details required for your journey as much as possible online. 
  • Make sure that all hand and check-in baggage comply with the baggage rules. 
  • Bring enough spare face masks, paper handkerchiefs and hand sanitizer. 
  • Regularly check the latest travel restrictions, health details requirements and info at  and the official government websites of your departure, transfer, and destination countries.

Health screening 

The Dutch government requires a health screening for all passengers traveling to, via or from The Netherlands (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). During check-in, passengers are subjected to a health statement. This statement will appear while checking-in on, at the self service kiosk and the KLM mobile app and check-in desk. Next to that, the Dutch government requires to fill out a health screening form. 

Face masks

Until further notice, you’re required to wear a face mask from the first boarding call until you have gone through the arrival gate at your destination to prevent the further spread of the virus. Without face covering, we cannot allow you to board. We strongly advise you to wear a mask at the rest of the airport as well. At some destinations, wearing masks is required in public areas, including the airport. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, passengers aged 13 and up are required to wear a mask everywhere. Make sure to check the health requirements of the airports you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in, and follow the instructions at the airport. For more details about wearing face masks, please check the most frequently asked questions.


3. Special one-way fare for returning to the Europe

In the context of the international COVID19 crisis, and the upcoming massive reduction of flight schedule on the Japan-Europe routes, KLM is offering a special one-way fare to Dutch and European citizens and residents who are traveling abroad and wish to go back to Europe.

This fare is available until 31 October 2020 on our Internet website  (Travel by 15 December 2020)

If a country bans passengers from entry, but flights are allowed, KLM will operate as much as possible to allow passengers who are in that country to return home.
Passengers are strongly advised to inform themselves about the restrictions applicable to their journey. On the KLM flight update page and in the IATA Travel Centre  more information is available.

KLM will do its utmost to assist its customers and Dutch and European citizens in this difficult period, and KLM teams are fully committed.

4. Check your flight status

• Please read the latest updates, there are a couple of things that you can do to stay up to date on the latest developments.

• You can check your flight status or view your flight details in My Trip 

Need help?

Most likely, we’ve answered your question in our overview of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or remarks, feel free to contact us. Details can be found at the bottom of this page. Please note that there are currently long waiting times at our Customer Contact Center.


5. KLM schedule update to/from Japan

2020 summer schedule update until the end of 24th October 2020.

■ KL862Tokyo(Narita) departure 10:20 Amsterdam arrival 15:00 Daily* 

■ KL861 Amsterdam departure 14:35 Tokyo(Narita) arrival 08:35 (next day) Daily* 

■ KL868 Osaka(Kansai) departure 10:25 Amsterdam arrival 15:20 5/7(exceptWed,Sun

■ KL867 Amsterdam departure 14:30 Osaka(Kansai) arrival 08:55 (next day) 5/7(exceptTue,Sat

*KL861 on 25SEP(Fri) AMS/NRT & KL862 on 26SEP(Sat) NRT/AMS has been cancelled 

KL861 on 29SEP(Tue) AMS/NRT & KL862 on 30SEP(Wed) NRT/AMS has been cancelled 

KL867 on 01OCT(Thu) AMS/KIX & KL868 on 02OCT(Fri) KIX/AMS has been cancelled 

KL861 on 06OCT(Tue) AMS/NRT & KL862 on 07OCT(Wed) NRT/AMS has been cancelled 

KL867 on 08OCT(Thu) AMS/KIX & KL868 on 09OCT(Fri) KIX/AMS has been cancelled 

KL861 on 13OCT(Tue) AMS/NRT & KL862 on 14OCT(Wed) NRT/AMS has been cancelled 

KL867 on 15OCT(Thu) AMS/KIX & KL868 on 16OCT(Fri) KIX/AMS has been cancelled 

KL861 on 20OCT(Tue) AMS/NRT & KL862 on 21OCT(Wed) NRT/AMS has been cancelled 

KL867 on 22OCT(Thu) AMS/KIX & KL868 on 23OCT(Fri) KIX/AMS has been cancelled

2020 winter schedule update (from 25October20 to 26March21)

■ KL862 Tokyo(Narita) departure 11:30  Amsterdam arrival 15:30 5/7Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sun

■ KL861 Amsterdam departure 14:35Tokyo(Narita) arrival 09:35 (next day)  5/7Mon,Wed,Thu,Sat,Sun


■ KL868 Osaka(Kansai) departure 11:05  Amsterdam arrival 15:15   4/7 Mon,Wed,Thu,Sat

■ KL867 Amsterdam departure 14:35   Osaka(Kansai) arrival 09:35 (next day)  4/7Tue,Wed,fri,Sun


As of 24 September 2020. Subject to change.


6. General rebook policy for Coronavirus

Please click here

7. Information on coronavirus-related health measures

As a frequent traveler with KLM, you trust us to not only take you where you need to go, but to do so safely, comfortably and responsibly. Today, as the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health scare in COVID-19 (Corona virus), these values are more important to us than ever. Therefore, we would like to share some insight into the different steps that we are taking to guarantee that our flights continue to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene. 

Before each departure, our planes are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. These procedures are designed to the highest standards and include both your personal space - tray tables, seat armrests and headrests, seatbelt buckles etc. – as well as communal areas such as the galleys, carpets and lavatories.  

Once in the air, our cabin crew works diligently to keep our planes clean. The air in the cabin is continuously refreshed with outside air and our hospital-grade HEPA filters are 99.99% effective in preventing the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms such as COVID-19. And in the event that a passenger does begin to show symptoms, all of our flights are equipped with special Corona-kits and our crew is trained in containment measures.   

This strong focus on hygiene extends to our entire organization, including catering services. Ingredients are fresh and sourced locally, and our catering crew is also trained to meet the strictest guidelines for hygiene and safety. This short video  provides more information about hygiene at KLM.


8. Contacts

  • KLM Customer Contact Centre telephone number: 03-6634-4984
  • - Opening Hours  Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 18:00, Saturday-Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00
  • KLM Social Media
  • - Go to Facebook 
    - Go to Messenger 
    - Go to Twitter 
    - Go to LINE 

Please bear in mind that waiting times at our Customer Contact Centre are long. We are doing what we can to assist as many people as possible, as quickly as we can.  We would like to ask you to contact us only if your original travel plans were supposed to take place in the next 72 hours. If your original flight is scheduled further in the future, we would very much appreciate if you could contact us closer to this date. This way, we can help those who have the most urgent needs first.  Our apologies for the inconvenience. All of us here at KLM are truly grateful for your understanding.