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from KLM Japan

ゴールデンウィーク期間中の営業時間について / Opening hours during Golden Week


Please click here for Golden Week Opening Hours Information.

関西空港出発便をご利用になるお客様へ To passengers departing from Kansai Airport


Under instructions of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, airport security checks have been enhanced to ensure flight safety, resulting in long wait times and congestion at security checkpoints. It is recommended to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure and proceed to security screening as soon as possible after check-in. Boarding gate will be closed at 15 minutes prior to departure time.  We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

サムスン電子社製ギャラクシーノート7持込禁止について Complete Ban on carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note7

KLMオランダ航空は、SAMSUNG(サムスン電子)社製Galaxy Note7(ギャラクシーノート7)による事故報告並びにFAA(アメリカ連邦航空局)による指示に基づき、当該機器に関して、お客様に以下の通りお願い申し上げます。

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued an emergency order banning the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices from commercial air transport. KLM will comply with this emergency order and no longer allow customers to travel with this device in any form – whether on their person, in hand baggage or as checked baggage. This ban applies to all AIR FRANCE, KLM and KLM Cityhopper flights.

燃油サーチャージ Fuel Surcharge


Click here for the latest Fuel Surcharge information for Japan route.

乗換サーチャージ Transfer Surcharge

対象運賃: KLMオランダ航空 日本発全運賃
徴収方法: 1つの運賃構成区間につき、1回以上の乗り換えがある場合(同日乗り継ぎ、途中降機に関わらず)、乗換サーチャージとして200円を申し受けます。小幼児割引はございません。

For all KLM air tickets issued in Japan, a transfer surcharge is added to the base fare, when the itinerary includes a transfer/transfers. This surcharge is applicable to all KLM air fares departing Japan.The amount is 200 JPY per fare component.

機内持ち込みおよび受託手荷物の制限について Prohibited items in cabin and checked baggage


To ensure the safety, Air France KLM  no longer accepts any lithium battery operated self-balancing devices or personal movement devices, such as hoverboards, airboards, oxboards, e-skates, waveboards, u-runners, on board its aircraft. These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage.