Meet & Seat on all KLM flights

3 December 2012 | Find out who will be on board on any KLM flight to and from Amsterdam.

Seat map

Meet & Seat on all KLM flights

Curious to find out who will be on board your KLM flight? With KLM’s Meet & Seat you can.

By sharing your Facebook or LinkedIn profile details you can also see those of your fellow passengers. The seat map will even show you where they will be sitting. And, you can choose your own seat too.

Meet & Seat is available for bookings of 1 passenger, until 48 hours before departure and for all KLM flights to and from Amsterdam.


How it works

Start on log on to My Trip.

  • Go to ‘Travel details and ‘Your seat’
  • Log in to your Facebook or LinkedIn account
  • Indicate which profile details you would like to share
  • See who sits where and pick your seat

Your profile details will be visible only to passengers who have also shared their details. You can change your seat as often as you want – or stop sharing your profile details any time.

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