2 cities for the price of 1!

Why should you choose if you can have it all?

Visit two cities in one trip!


Visiting museums in Amsterdam and shopping in Barcelona in one trip! You can't believe it?

Benefit from a unique opportunity from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:
visit 2 cities for the price of 1 ticket from $675!

Now KLM allows for a free stop in Amsterdam on the way to or from the final destination in Europe or North America. Thus, you may visit two cities in one go - Amsterdam and your final destination- without paying extra stopover fees!

Just select any European or American city and make a free stop in Amsterdam on your way there or back home!


How to get a ticket “2 in 1”?


To book a ticket on our web-site is easy.

Just choose an option “Multiple destinations”  and enter your itinerary as per next example:

Almaty – Amsterdam

Amsterdam – Barcelona

Barcelona – Almaty

Important: please indicate exact flight dates when booking multiple destinations. You can check the timetable for AIRFRANCE or KLM flights here >

Check your destinations>