3 in 1!

Now there is no need to choose… Have it all!

Three cities for the price of one!

Enjoy ancient atmosphere of Paris, visit Queen in London and rock in Amsterdam – do all in one trip! Benefit from a unique offer of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – “3 in 1”!

Europe Trip

Because KLM allows for a free stop in Amsterdam and a combination of destinations you may visit three cities in one go - Amsterdam and two other cities - without paying extra fees!


How to get “3 in 1” ticket?

Booking a ticket at our web-site is easy.

Just choose an option “Multiple destinations” and enter your itinerary as per next example: 

Almaty – Rome
London – Amsterdam
Amsterdam – Almaty

Enjoy your Europe adventures!

Important: please indicate exact flight dates when booking multiple destinations. You can check the timetable for AIRFRANCE or KLM flights here.


The best “3 in 1!” offers:


Draw your inspiration from the world art heritage

Europe Trip Rome


Visit Rome, where Michelangelo created his masterpieces; Amsterdam, which inspired Van Gogh and Rembrandt and London, where Shakespeare and Byron bestowed their sonnets and poems to the world!

Touch the World Art history>


Shop in fashion capitals:

Europe Trip London


Travelling is always in fashion. While combining travelling and fashionable shopping is always a pleasure. Take your fashion tour or just an inspirational trip to elegant Paris, extravagant Milan and stylish Amsterdam!

Your fashion week >


Party hot:

Europe Trip concert


Sunny days, warm evenings and hot nights of Barcelona and Lisbon will make your holidays full of fun! And then Amsterdam, a motherland of best World DJs, will give you the memories never to forget.

Your party time >

Choose favorite destinations!


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