Airbus A330-300

Airbus A330-300

The Airbus A330-300 made its 1st KLM flight in 2012. This twin-jet aircraft is an earlier version of the Airbus A330-200 but was added to our fleet after the -200. There are a lot of similarities between these 2 types, but one notable difference is the length: the Airbus A330-300 is longer than the -200. That’s why the -300 has 10 windows extra. Currently, we’ve got 5 of these Airbus types in our fleet. You might spot one of them while flying to Boston, Lagos, Calgary or Minneapolis, but these destinations can differ per season. The Airbus A330-300’s are, just like the -200’s, named after famous squares: Times Square in New York, Piazza Navona in Rome, Plaza de la Cathedral in Havana, Praça do Rossio in Lisboa, and Hofplein in Rotterdam.

Seat map

Airbus A330-300


  • World Business ClassWorld Business Class
  • Economy ComfortEconomy Comfort
  • Economy ClassEconomy Class
  • Seat with extra legroomSeat with extra legroom
  • Front section seatFront section seat
  • Seat in a row of 2Seat in a row of 2
  • CoatroomCoatroom
  • ToiletToilet
  • GalleyGalley


Aircraft facts

Wingspan60.30 m
Length63.69 m
Height16.80 m
Cruising speed880 km/h / 547 mph / 475 kts
Max. range8,200 km / 4,427 nmi
Max. passengers292
Max. take-off weight233,000 kg / 513,676 lbs
KLM owns 5 aircraft of this type

Average seat pitch

World Business ClassFull-flat seat
Economy Class31 in / 79 cm
Economy Comfort35 in / 89 cm

In the aircraft

Configuration Business Class2-2-2
Configuration Economy Class2-4-2
WiFi availableYes
Power supplyYes
Amount of toilets8

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