KLM Trip Planner

30 May 2012 | Skip the hassle and start the fun! Travel planning for a group was never this easy.

Organise a group trip

Travel with a celebrity

Love to go on a break with your friends, but not sure how to get past the stage of discussing where-and-when?

Here’s some good news. Imagine selecting a couple of fun destinations and dates. Next, invite your friends to indicate their preferences. And voilà: in no time you will have booked your group trip.

No stress, just loads of time to prepare for the fun part: your time away with your buddies.



The brand new online KLM Trip Planner is very easy to use. In just a few steps you can:

  • Create a group of Facebook friends
  • Select up to 5 travel options
  • Ask your friends to join
  • Book the group’s most favoured flight

When selecting trips, we will give you some fun suggestions too – simply answer 2 questions about your group. Via a chat window your group can discuss the trips selected.

Could it really be that easy? Try it yourself: plan your own group trip (in English only)

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