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USA New York City Area - Expected bad weather conditions

Due to the expected bad weather conditions in the New York City Area on Wednesday 17 July 2019, some of our flights to, from or via below-listed destinations may be disrupted. We are doing our very best to help you on your way again.

You can check your flight status or view your flight details in My Trip. If you have booked a flight to, from or via below-listed destinations on Wednesday 17 July 2019, please see below rebook and refund options we can offer you. These options are only valid, if you have a ticket originally issued on or before Tuesday 16 July 2019.

  • New York, NY – Kennedy (JFK)
  • New York, NY – LaGuardia (LGA)
  • Newark, NJ (EWR)
  • Newburgh and NY (SWF)
  • White Plains, NY (HPN)

Rebook your flight

Is the departure date of your flight to, from or via any of the above mentioned destination(s) on Wednesday 17 July 2019? Then your new departure date should be no later than Saturday 20 July 2019. You can rebook your flight at the latest on Saturday 20 July 2019. Please see below options and rules:

1. Change your travel dates
  • You may change your travel dates of KLM, Air France and/or Delta Air Lines flights once.
  • You can only change your travel dates if the same travel class as mentioned on your original ticket is available. Upgrading your ticket to Business Class is only possible by contacting us directly via Twitter, Messenger or Facebook or by telephone.
  • You will not have to pay the change fee.
2. Change your destination
  • You may use the full value of your original tickets for new tickets on KLM, Air France and/or Delta Air Lines.
  • You will not have to pay the change fee.
How to rebook
You can rebook in the following ways:
  • Log in to My Trip and change your travel dates and/or destination yourself if:
    • you have a KLM, Air France and/or Delta Air Lines ticket,
    • your journey has not started yet,
    • you are not travelling with a baby (0-1 years),
    • you did not request a special service (e.g. ordered a special meal, are travelling as an unaccompanied minor, have requested transportation of a wheelchair or pet, or the use of a bassinet).
  • We can help you rebook your journey via social media:
  • If you don’t want to arrange the rebooking online or if you need assistance, contact the KLM Customer Contact Centre.
  • Did you book your ticket via a travel agent? Please contact them directly to rebook.

Apply for a refund
You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if you meet all requirements listed:
  • you are travelling to, from or via the above mentioned location(s) on Wednesday 17 July 2019
  • your flight was cancelled by KLM, Air France and/or Delta Air Lines, or was delayed for more than 3 hours
  • you did not travel

How to request a refund
  • If you bought your ticket via, a KLM ticket office or the KLM Customer Contact Centre, and your ticket number starts with 074, you can apply for a refund online in just a few steps. You can also call us, but lines may be quite busy.
  • If you booked via a travel agent, please contact them directly to request a refund.
  • USA Gulf coast area - Expected bad weather conditions

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - Travelling in summer 2019

  • Iran - Precautionary measure to avoid parts of airspace

  • Milan, Italy - Closure of Linate Airport / Chiusura dell'aeroporto di Linate