Fares structure

In each of our travel classes we offer various ticket types, or booking classes, for travel within Europe and for intercontinental flights.

Our fares

We have subdivided our fares into various booking classes, each with differing conditions. These booking classes are indicated by alphabetical characters, such as ‘R’ or ‘Z’.

Conditions may vary per flight and per carrier. You will see the conditions applying to your flight during the various steps you take when booking online. Accepting the conditions is a required step to complete your booking.

If you do not take all flights or legs of this journey, or in the specified order, extra costs may be charged.

Travel within Europe

Conditions may vary per flight. Please check the conditions for your journey in the e-mail confirmation of your reservation.

Booking classMinimum
with Miles
Business Class
Fully Flexible:
J, C, D, I, Z

For Economy Class travel within Europe, we offer three ticket options to fit your personal needs.

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Intercontinental travel

We offer you choices, so there’s always an intercontinental ticket that suits your needs. In Business Class we offer Fully Flexible, Flexible and Business Class Restricted fares. In Economy Class you choose between Fully Flexible, Flexible, Economy and Economy Restricted. Conditions may vary per flight. Please check the conditions for your journey during booking, in the e-mail confirmation or in My Trip. When travelling on an intercontinental KLM ticket, you may bring at least one check-in bag.

Travel between Europe and the United States/ Canada