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United Kingdom – Enhanced security measures at all airports

Due to enhanced security measures at all airports for flights departing from the UK, longer waiting times are expected to go through security. Currently additional security measures are in place. As a result, you may need more time at the airport. We advise you to be at the airport earlier than usual and we recommend that you check in online via the KLM app or via These measures do not affect your flight schedule. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Potential laptop ban United States

The United States authorities are considering a ban on all electronic equipment larger than a smartphone in cabins aboard flights bound for the United States. This includes all equipment running on batteries, such as laptops, tablets, cameras and e-readers. If the ban is imposed, this kind of equipment may only be transported as hold baggage. However, it is as yet unclear if and when the ban will take effect. KLM is keeping a close eye on developments and is preparing to take measures should the ban be announced. KLM will inform passengers if any changes affecting the check-in procedure for flights to the United States will occur. 

Italy - Internal border controls temporarily restored

Due to the G7 Summit to be held in Taormina on 26 and 27 May 2017, the internal border controls will be temporarily restored at all airports in Italy from 10 May to 30 May 2017. In order to speed up border checks, please have your ID/ passport and, if applicable, your boarding pass ready at the border check point. Thank you for your cooperation.