Electronic Invoice

Retrieve your electronic invoice gathering the following documents:
To request any invoice for tickets/documents issued in Mexico with KLM 074 plate, you should access our invoicing platform through klm.com.mx, in Helpful links section, “Request my CFDI” or directly onwww.klmcfdi.com.mx 

Please consider the following points:

- The ticket number has 13 digits, and you have to enter them without space. Example: 0740000000000
- Date format is the following one: dd/mm/aa  
Example: 01/01/2018
- To request your CFDI you will need fiscal data (RFC, fiscal address, Business Name)
- The digital invoice will be available in the portal 48 hours after the date of purchase.
- Once issued the invoice, you’ll be able to get a copy of it in the section “recupera tu factura”


Important: Our reservation centers are not authorized to do the Online Invoice Request. If you encounter any problem at issuing your invoice, you can fill the “Help” form or email us at: mail.facturaelectronica@airfranceklm.com

Fundamento Legal  CFF art 29 y 29ª, RMF regla 2.7  y anexo 20  SAT