KLM Pilot-Up!

Win a round trip ticket to Amsterdam

Put your navigational skills and reflexes to the test with our new Facebook game, KLM Pilot-Up!


Soar above the European skies as a KLM Pilot with this simple but challenging game. The further you fly, the higher you will score!  

However, if you ascend too high or fall too low below the cruising altitude, you will lose fuel at a faster rate. Flying through clouds will also cause you to lose fuel quickly.  

But fret not, collect Biofuel to keep your fuel tank full. Flying with your friends will also give you KLM bubbles to catch, letting you fly further.  

Each week, a winner will be picked at random from our Top 100 list. Weekly winners will walk away with a KLM Goodie Bag.  

The Grand Prize winner will be randomly picked from our Top 30 list at the end of the month. The Grand Prize winner will win a round trip ticket to Amsterdam!

Start flying now!