Flight information by text message or e-mail

We are happy to keep you updated with relevant flight information during your journey. With our ‘KLM Connect service’ we will also contact you about any changes in your flight itinerary by phone, text message or e-mail.

Receiving free messages about your flight

We will keep you updated about relevant flight information by phone, text message or e-mail during your trip. We will also contact you whenever there is a change in your flight itinerary.

Here is a list of the kinds of ‘KLM Connect’ notices you can receive:

Flight informationKind of messageWhen sent?
Online check-in is now availableE-mail30 hours before departure*. You can use the link in the e-mail to check in right away.

Phone (for intercontinental flights)

Text message and e-mail (all flights)

In the event of a delay lasting more than 30 minutes, or multiple delays that would add up to more than 30 minutes.
CancellationPhone, e-mail and text messageIf your flight is cancelled, you will be informed about rebooking to another flight and/or requesting a refund.
Arrival of delayed baggageText message and e-mailShould your baggage be delayed, you will be notified of its arrival once you have completed a ‘Property Irregularity Report’ at the airport.

* 24 hours before departure for flights to and from the United States.

If the Unaccompanied Minor Service has been reserved for a child travelling alone, any messages regarding changes in the child’s flight itinerary will be sent by phone, e-mail and text message to the person who booked the ticket.


Do we have your contact information?

Make sure that you provide your mobile phone number and e-mail address when you book your flight. If you make your reservation through a travel agent, ask the agent to pass on this information.

You can also provide or change your contact information by logging on to ‘My Trip’ or your Flying Blue profile.


Cancelling the messaging service

If you no longer wish to receive our ‘KLM Connect’ messages about your flight and any changes in your flight itinerary, you can cancel this service. Once you cancel, you will no longer receive any messages at the e-mail address and/or phone number that you provided.

  • e-mail: the e-mail you received that provides your flight details also includes a link that you can use to cancel the messaging service.
  • text message: reply to a text message sent by us with a text message of ‘STOP’.

An exception to this is the text message informing you that boarding has begun. To cancel this messaging service, you will have to go to ‘My Trip’.