Changing or cancelling flights

Change of travel plans? You can change flights or cancel your booking, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. For even more freedom to change flights, make sure to add Flexibility when booking European KLM flights.

Change flights

You can change your travel dates, times and/or destination with any kind of changeable ticket type – or if you bought Flexibility. The change conditions for your ticket type can be found in My Trip and in your booking confirmation e-mail. Just make sure that your ticket number starts with ‘074’(KLM), ‘057’ (AIR FRANCE) or with 006 (Delta Air Lines).

To change an Award ticket, please contact the Flying Blue Service Centre. If you booked via a travel agent, please contact them to change your flights.

Log into My Trip

Change flights online

If we arrange your flight change for you, we do charge an administration fee. This fee does not apply if you have a fully flexible ticket type or if you bought Flexibility to change your flight.

Contact us to change your flight

Buy Flexibility to change flights

Add Flexibility when booking intra-European flights on, and enjoy the freedom to change your plans up to 3 times – no change fee!

Flexibility gives you the freedom to:

  • Change any or all flights in your booking up to 3 times
  • Change travel dates, times and/or your destination (within Europe)
  • Change up to 48 hours before departure of the flight you wish to change

No change fee, no administration fee! And no fare difference costs when changing to the same fare type. When changing to a higher fare type, you will need to pay the fare difference. When changing to a lower fare type, the fare difference will not be reimbursed. Tax recalculation may add a bit to the new ticket price.

Buying Flexibility is possible during booking on only, and for European flights that will depart in 10 or more days.

Bought Flexibility?

Contact us to arrange your flight change – we won’t charge you the administration fee if you bought Flexibility. 

Read the Terms and Conditions of Flexibility

Cancel flights

In your booking confirmation e-mail you will find the conditions for cancelling your ticket.

To cancel flights booked directly with KLM, simply request a refund online. Please note that all flights in your booking will be cancelled.

To cancel tickets booked via a travel agent, please contact your travel agent.

Read more about requesting a refund

Change name

If your name in your booking has been misspelled, please contact the KLM Service Centre as soon as possible. If it is still possible to correct your name, you may need to pay a fee.

No need to correct your name:

  • If you have several first names. It’s ok if you entered only the first when you booked.
  • If your ticket shows your names in a different order, without spaces and/or with ‘MR’, ‘MRS’ or ‘MS’ between your names – this is how names are shown in our systems.
  • If only your maiden name shows.

If you booked an Award ticket, please contact the Flying Blue Service Centre.

If part of your journey will be with a partner airline of KLM, please contact that airline as soon as possible. If you booked via a travel agent, please contact them. You may need to pay a fee to change your name.