Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-700

We've got 3 different types of Boeing 737 in our fleet, and one of them is the Boeing 737-700. The -700’s are used for a lot of different flights, so you might be flying to Istanbul, Newcastle or Berlin in this beauty (these destinations may differ per season). We've got 18 of these Boeing 737-700’s in our fleet. All of them are named after birds: Finch, Great White Heron, Goldcrest, King Eider, Warbler, Ortolan Bunting, Godwit, Fulmar, Gannet, Bird of Paradise, Pelican, Song Trush, Hen Harrier, Oystercatcher, Cormorant, Golden Oriole, Cuckoo, and Black Kite.

Seat map

Boeing 737-700


  • Europe Business ClassEurope Business Class
  • Seat blocked for your personal spaceSeat blocked for your personal space
  • Economy ComfortEconomy Comfort
  • Economy ClassEconomy Class
  • Seat with extra legroomSeat with extra legroom
  • ToiletToilet
  • GalleyGalley


Aircraft facts

Wingspan35.80 m
Length33.62 m
Height12.60 m
Cruising speed850 km/h / 528 mph / 459 kts
Max. range3,500 km / 1,890 nmi
Max. passengers142
Max. take-off weight65,317 kg / 143,999 lbs
KLM owns 18 aircraft of this type

Average seat pitch

Europe Business Class33 in / 84 cm
Economy Class30 in / 76 cm
Economy Comfort32 in / 81 cm

In the aircraft

Configuration Business Class3-3 (blocked middle seat)
Configuration Economy Class3-3
WiFi availableYes
Power supplyOnly in Business Class and Economy Comfort
Amount of toilets3

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