Passengers with reduced mobility

Are you travelling with your own (electric) wheelchair or walker, or are you required to lie in a horizontal position during your flight? For all passengers with reduced mobility, we’re committed to provide comfortable and convenient travel.

Travelling with your own wheelchair

If you want to bring your own wheelchair with you, we will transport it for you free of charge.

Are you bringing an electric or battery-powered wheelchair? Please keep in mind that restrictions apply for . Please contact , so we can help finding the best solution for you.

Wheelchairs permitted in the cabin
Folding, collapsible or break-down manual passenger wheelchairs are permitted in the cabin, as long as they meet the maximum the size and weight requirements for hand baggage: max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21.5 x 13.5 x 10 inch) and max. 12 kg (26 lbs). For flights to and from the United States, these wheelchairs are permitted if the dimensions do not exceed 33 x 92 x 107 cm (13 x 36 x 42 inch). Please note that we have limited space for wheelchairs in the cabin. If there is no space left, unfortunately, we will not be able to transport your wheelchair in the cabin.

Wheelchairs as check-in baggage
All types of wheelchairs, both manual and electric, can be transported as check-in baggage. Make your request as far in advance of your flight as possible, but at least 48 hours before departure, to give us enough time to make the needed arrangements for you. The number of (electric) wheelchairs we can transport is limited and may depend on the size of the aircraft.

These are the size and weight limits of wheelchairs transported as check-in baggage per aircraft type:

Aircraft type

Max. dimensions 
(l x w x h)

Max. weight

Boeing 777, 747, 787 and Airbus 330

152 x 139 x 149 cm /
59.5 x 54.5 x 58.5 inch

No max. weight

Boeing 737

112 x 113 x 85 cm /
44 x 44.5 x 33 inch

No max. weight

Embraer 175 and 190

120 x 100 x 70 cm /
47 x 39 x 27.5 inch

150 kg / 331 lbs

The dimension of your wheelchair will be checked at the airport. All wheelchairs transported as check-in baggage will be placed in upright position only, to prevent damage and avoid spilling of batteries during the flight.

Read more about making a reservation for transporting your wheelchair


At the airport with your wheelchair

Depending on the kind of wheelchair you’re bringing, you may use it after check-in.

Manual wheelchair
We ask you to check in your manual wheelchair at least 30 minutes before . Airport wheelchairs are available in the departure hall.

If you wish to keep your wheelchair with you until you’re at the departure gate, please indicate this when you make your reservation. Your wheelchair will be labelled as check-in baggage during check-in, but it will be loaded into the aircraft at the gate. Make sure to be at the departure gate at the pre-boarding time provided to you by our ground staff. Staff at the gate will then ensure that you can pre-board at your convenience.

For a short transfer with a connection time of less than 3 hours, it will not be possible to use your checked in wheelchair at the airport. In that case, your wheelchair will be transferred directly to the next aircraft in your itinerary. If you have more than 3 hours to make your transfer, we will make sure that your own wheelchair is ready for you at the gate, if you have requested this service at least 48 hours in advance and the airport where you are making your transfer allows this.

At some airports, your wheelchair can be returned to you at the gate on arrival. If this is not possible, your wheelchair will be taken to the arrival hall, along with the other manually or electric powered wheelchairs and scooters, where it will be placed next to your flight’s baggage belt. In that case, an airport wheelchair will be available to bring you to the baggage belt.

Electric or battery-powered wheelchair
Are you bringing your own electric or battery-powered wheelchair? These wheelchairs must always be transported as check-in baggage. Make sure to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before .

At the airport, we do not have any packaging material available to transport your wheelchair. To help us preventing damage, we ask that you transport all of its detachable parts, such as cushions and footrests, in your hand baggage. These items will then be considered additional permitted hand baggage. If this is not possible, we ask that you have these taped to the wheelchair. Depending on the kind of wheelchair, we may also ask you to disconnect the batteries or power cables and insulate the terminals, to prevent short circuits.

After checking it in, you can use one of the wheelchairs we have available for you at the airport. If you are fully dependable on your own wheelchair, please contact so we can check which additional arrangements can be made for you.

Airport wheelchairs
At each airport, wheelchairs are available for use between check-in and gate and upon arrival. Since these wheelchairs are not suitable for manual use by the passenger, staff or your travelling companion will have to push it for you. If transport between the gate and your seat in the aircraft is needed, a smaller type of wheelchair will be used.

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and some other airports, an electric cart may be used to transport passengers with mobility impairments from one location to another. However, we cannot guarantee whether an electric cart or manual wheelchair will be used.

Alternative boarding devices
At some locations, a stairway will be used for boarding or deplaning. If you are unable to ascend or descend stairs, and you have informed us of this in advance, we will provide an alternative boarding device. We may use a specially adapted truck for this purpose. These alternatives may not be the most convenient solutions, but we assure you that we are doing our utmost to ensure your safety, privacy and comfort.


Travelling with your walker

Your walker may be checked in free of charge. If you wish to keep your walker with you until you’re at the departure gate, please indicate this when checking in. Your walker will be labelled as check-in baggage, but will not be loaded into the aircraft until you arrive at the gate.


Facilities during your flight

For passengers with reduced mobility, we’ve got the following onboard facilities:

  • Foldable wheelchairs are available on board of all KLM and KLM Cityhopper aircraft. These wheelchairs are specially designed to fit the aisles of our aircraft. Feel free to ask for the use of one of these wheelchairs to get you to and from the toilet. Although our flight attendants will assist you with the use of this wheelchair, they are not permitted to lift or carry you.
  • The toilets onboard of all our KLM aircraft are equipped with toilet handles. Wheelchair accessible toilets are available on all KLM’s Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 aircraft. Our Boeing 737, Boeing 747 and Embraer 190 aircraft have a foldaway curtain to enlarge the lavatory space. Our flight attendants will assist you to and from the toilet area, but they are not allowed to assist you within the toilet area. If you require help while making use of the toilet, you need to arrange your own travelling companion to assist you during your flight.
  • In all our aircraft, we have a number of aisle and middle seats that have moveable armrests, so you can transfer more easily into your seat. The number and locations of movable aisle armrest seats may vary per aircraft type. Please contact , so we can reserve the most suitable seat for you.

Special seating solutions, such as an orthotic positioning device, will always be reviewed by our Flight Standards & Compliance department to see if it is compliant with the flight safety regulations. If it does not comply, unfortunately, it cannot be accepted on board. Please make sure to contact at least 48 hours before departure, to allow us enough time to arrange it for you.


Stretcher service

If you are required to lie in a horizontal position during your flight because of medical reasons, you can make use of our stretcher service. For this service, addition costs apply. In most cases, this service will be reserved for you by the appropriate organisation that is in charge of organising your transport.

You will be accommodated aboard the aircraft in a separate part of the cabin, so you will not be disturbed by other passengers and can travel in comfort and privacy. You will, however, need to be accompanied by someone who can lend you medical assistance.

For reserving our stretcher service, please contact .