Blueline Newsletter

December 2013

BusinessElite® by Delta Air Lines

Flying in complete comfort

Passengers who fly with Delta Air Lines and choose BusinessElite® will enjoy optimal comfort. BusinessElite stands for:

  • Guaranteed window or aisle seats.
  • A proper night’s rest in ‘flat-bed’ seats with a back rest that can be folded 180 degrees to create a fully horizontal bed. Including luxury pillow, duvet and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Relaxed travel thanks to ergonomic support at the small of the back with massage function.
  • Comfortable working space thanks to extra large tray table for all passengers, a power outlet for computers and a USB outlet for charging smaller electronic appliances.
  • Entertainment and relaxation with ultra-modern digital entertainment: Many hours of music, videos, TV shows and games on a 27cm (10.6 inch) screen.
  • More than enough storage space for personal items, including a special place for shoes.

BusinessElite® availability
Passengers can currently fly BusinessElite® on around 75% of the 152 intercontinental flights operated by Delta Air Lines. By summer 2014 it will be available on all aircraft, from which time passengers can enjoy the benefits listed above on all intercontinental flights.