Blueline Newsletter

December 2013

Statement of intent: ‘Bioport for jet fuels in the Netherlands’

KLM is aiming for sustainable aviation biofuel in partnership with the Dutch Ministries of Infrastructure & the Environment and Economic Affairs, the Schiphol Group, SkyNRG, Neste Oil and the Port Authorities in Rotterdam. The parties signed a statement of intent in November called ‘Bioport for jet fuels in the Netherlands’.

Bioport of Europe
KLM has already been proven over recent years that flights on biokerosene are safe and sustainable. Now is the time to take the next step: upscaling production, delivery and use of sustainable biofuel. In the words of State Secretary Wilma Mansveld: ‘The large scale use of biokerosene is a major breakthrough required to increase sustainability in the aviation sector. By creating a new export market, the Netherlands can develop into the ‘Bioport’ of Europe.’

It is unique for the sector and the economy that market parties and the government sign a joint statement of intent. The use of sustainable biokerosene can reduce CO2 emissions by no less than 80%, benefitting both climate and economy. Another major benefit is that the Netherlands will be less dependent on increasingly scarce and polluting fossil fuels.