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Looking to save on your company’s travel expenses? Bluebiz is the answer. Earn valuable blue credits for every business trip with KLM, Air France or participating partners, which you can then redeem for free flights, upgrades and other flight related services. Membership of bluebiz is free of charge.
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Double your benefits

Are you familiar with the Flying Blue programme? It offers the ideal combination with bluebiz, allowing you to earn blue credits for your company and Flying Blue Miles for yourself on the same flight. Double the benefits!

Flying Blue and bluebiz
Flying Blue

Signing up

Would you like to enrol your company in bluebiz? It is quick and easy. Membership is free of charge and with no strings attached. After your registration has been completed, you will receive your bluebiz details within a few days. Fly with KLM, Air France or one of our bluebiz partners within six months after registering and you will receive an additional bonus of 50 blue credits!

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When does your company earn blue credits?

Your company earns blue credits on all flights operated by KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, with the exception of certain promotional fares. The number of blue credits earned by your company is determined by the destination and the fare (booking class) of the ticket(s). Every blue credit is worth one euro.

Earning blue credits 

Book any ticket type in any class to any destination

Bluebiz gives you the flexibility to spend your blue credits on any ticket type offered by Air France or KLM. You’re free to choose any fare to any destination worldwide available in our bluebiz booking tool. These tickets are subject to the standard conditions of the fare you select.

Spend blue credits


Bluebiz membership is easy and free. You can redeem your blue credits for free flights, luxury items and additional services at any time.

Terms and conditions of the bluebiz programme