Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we answer the most frequently asked questions about bluebiz. You can also use the menu to access the "Terms and conditions' or the bluebiz Service Desk to find contact details.

What is bluebiz?

Bluebiz is KLM's corporate loyalty programme. It helps your company's travel budget stretch further by awarding blue credits every time you or one of the company's employees books a business flight with KLM and its bluebiz partners Air France, Delta Air Lines and Kenya Airways. The blue credits can be redeemed for free tickets.


What are blue credits?

Blue credits are the bluebiz 'currency'. Your company receives blue credits after each business flight, and with a sufficient balance they can be exchanged for a free ticket. The value of one blue credit is one euro.


How can my company redeem blue credits?

You can exchange your blue credits to all destinations within the global network of KLM, Air France and bluebiz partners Delta Air Lines and Kenya Airways, departing from Amsterdam. You can book tickets in every fare and booking class.


How does my company earn blue credits?

Your company earns blue credits by including your bluebiz number for every business flight booked by you or your colleagues. These are two ways to do this:

  1. Book online via Tick the box indicating that your company is a bluebiz member in step 5 (your personal details) and enter your bluebiz number

  2. Via your travel agent: ask your travel agent to include your bluebiz number in your booking. Also see travel agents


How many blue credits does my company earn each flight?

The number of blue credits depends on your destination and fare (booking class). See also blue credits overview. 


Do we receive blue credits for every business flight?

Yes. on the condition that:
  • Your bluebiz number was included in your booking before ticket was issued; either by you when booking via or by your travel agent. 
  • You are flying with KLM or KLM's bluebiz partners Air France, Delta Air Lines and Kenya Airways. 
  • The ticket is a KLM ticket (074-document). 
  • The fare (booking class) entitles you to blue credits         
See Terms & Conditions for exceptions or more information.

Can we combine other KLM offers with the benefits of bluebiz?

No. Bluebiz is only intended for companies that do not have a discount agreement with KLM.  Companies with such an agreement cannot become bluebiz members, which means that they cannot combine the benefits of the agreement with the benefits of bluebiz.


Can we combine the benefits of bluebiz and Flying Blue?

Yes! Your company earns blue credits with bluebiz, while individual employees can earn Miles with Flying Blue.


Does my company also earn blue credits when flying with other airlines than KLM?

Yes. Your company also receives blue credits when flying with one of KLM’s bluebiz partners: Air France, Delta Air Lines and Kenya Airways, under the condition that the ticket is a KLM ticket (074-document). 


How long will it take before we receive our blue credits?

The blue credits are credited to your company's blue credit balance within four weeks of an eligible flight.


How can I find out how many blue credits my company has earned?

As a bluebiz member your company receives its own bluebiz number and a user name and password with which to log in to your company's bluebiz page. Your company's bluebiz page states your current blue credit balance.


Does everyone in my company have access to bluebiz?

Everyone has access the bluebiz pages on this website. Only the person that registered the company for bluebiz - the 'contatc person' - has access to your company's personal bluebiz pages for booking free flights. You can arrange your booking and earn blue credits via or travel agents.


How can we change our company details?

Your 'contact person' for bluebiz - the person who registered your company - has access to your company's personal bluebiz pages and can:

  • Change the company profile.
  • Change or update the contact details (via an e-mail tot the bluebiz Service Desk).
  • Change your company's password.

Can a ticket be purchased with blue credits and money?

No. A ticket has to be paid in full with blue credits or in full with money. To book a free ticket, check whether you have accrued sufficient blue credits to pay for the entire ticket.


Can a ticket booked with blue credits be changed or cancelled?

Yes, if the ticket conditions allow it. You can use your blue credits to make changes in your booking, cancel your booking or to buy an upgrade. Arrange it all on

See more information about booking instructions 

Ordering articles with blue credits

  • Including postage costs 
  • Delivery time has a minimum of 14 days
  • For questions relating to the articles or about ordering them please email to: