Earning credits

Are you booking your business flight with KLM, Air France or one of our partners? Mention your bluebiz number and your company will earn blue credits.

Better returns on your business travel

Blue credits are earned when flying with Air France, KLM or our partner airlines (provided tickets are printed on 074, 057 or 006 ticket stock). Blue credits are worth one unit of your local currency and can be used to buy tickets for anyone in your company. So the more you travel, the more you save!


Earning Credits simply

You will earn blue credits on flights operated by Air France, KLM and Delta. Just remember to quote your bluebiz number at the time of booking. Blue credits are awarded on top of the Miles you earn with Flying Blue or SkyMiles. That means your company benefits, and so do you and your colleagues.

Earning blue credits


Direct benefits

Once the flight has taken place, the number of blue credits will be calculated and your company’s account credited. Blue credits are valid for at least two full calendar years and expire on 31 December of each year. Blue credits earned in February 2014, for instance, remain valid until 31 December 2016


Tell your travel agent

Inform your travel agent about your bluebiz membership so you can be sure that with every booking you make your company earns blue credits.

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