Earning blue credits

Your company earns blue credits for every business trip flight you take with KLM, Air France and Participating Airlines. Blue credits, the ‘currency’ of bluebiz, allow you to easily earn free flights or benefit from extra services.


The number of blue credits your company earns per flown ticket can be calculated using a formula. It is easy to calculate how many blue credits you earn for each flight. 1 blue credit equals the value of 1 euro.

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How many blue credits?

The number of blue credits earned by your company is determined by the destination - European or intercontinental - and the fare (booking class) of the ticket(s).

Earning blue credits 

Signing up

Would you like to enrol your company in bluebiz? It is quick and easy. Membership is free of charge and with no strings attached. After your registration has been completed, you will receive your bluebiz details within a few days. Fly with KLM, Air France or one of our bluebiz partners within six months after registering and you will receive an additional bonus of 50 blue credits!

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Inform your travel agent

Let your travel agent know about your participation in bluebiz. This will ensure that your company receives blue credits for each business flight.

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