Upgrade information

Treat yourself to the comfort of Business Class and spend your Blue Credits on a ticket upgrade. Enjoy the experience of flying in a higher booking class.

How does it work?

1. If you fly KLM, you can upgrade your KLM Economy ticket to Europe Business Class (on European flights) or World Business Class (on Intercontinental flights). If you fly Air France, you can upgrade your Economy ticket to Business Class(on European flights). And you can upgrade your Economy/Voyageur ticket to Premium Economy, your Premium Economy ticket to Business Class and your Business Class ticket to la Première(on intercontinental flights). This offer applies to European and intercontinental flights operated by KLM and Air France, based on availability. The cost of the upgrade depends on the ticket price.

2. Book a ticket upgrade via the BlueBiz contact person at your company. He or she can request a BlueBiz ticket upgrade via this order form . The BlueBiz Service Desk will call you back within 1 working day for further details. A ticket upgrade with your Blue Credits can be booked up to five days before departure. Your ticket needs to be changeable in order to make a request for a BlueBiz upgrade. Below is an overview of the upgrade possibilities for the various booking classes on flights operated by KLM and Air France:

Upgrades on KLM flights: Intercontinental
BookingclassUpgrade toBookingsclass
KLM EconomyY,B,M,U,K,H,L,Q,T,NWorld Business ClassJ,C,D


Upgrades on KLM flights: Europe
BookingclassUpgrade toBookingclass
KLM Economy



Europe Business ClassJ,C,D


Upgrades on Air France flights: Intercontinental


BookingclassUpgrade toBookingclass


Y,B,M,U,K,H,L,Q,T,NPremium EconomyW,S,A
Premium EconomyW,S,ABusiness Class
Business Class
J,C,D,I,ZLa Première


Upgrades on Air France flights: Europe
BookingclassUpgrade toBookingclass



Business Class

The two examples below are intended for further clarification:

*Amsterdam (AMS) – New York (JFK)
Your ticket in booking class M, Economy Class costs €1804
A ticket in booking class D, Business Class costs €4580
The cost of your upgrade is (4580 – 1804) 2776 Blue Credits

*Amsterdam (AMS) – London (LHR)
Your ticket in booking class B, Economy Class costs €321
A ticket in booking class C, Business Class costs €497
The cost of your upgrade is (497 – 321) 176 Blue Credits

* These are fictitious return fares (excluding VAT) and may differ from your specific situation.

If you have any questions about an upgrade, contact the BlueBiz Service Desk:
E: bluebiz.nl@klm.com 
T: +31 20 545 97 77 (Mon-Fri from  9.00 to 17.30)