Book an upgrade with blue credits

Please note that upgrades on KLM documents, ticket numbers starting with 074 and 057, can be booked via

Please make sure to log out first with a KLM or Flying Blue account before you proceed with the booking of the upgrade.

1. Kindly go to
2. Log in first with your bluebiz number and password
3. Click on ‘Add extra options’ under ‘Spending blue credits’
4. Thereafter please log in to ‘MyTrip’ using your booking details. You will now be able to buy the upgrade with blue credits

Please note that it's only possible to buy an upgrade if your ticket allows for a change. Only the complete amount (fare difference + applicable penalty fees) can be paid with blue credits. It's not possible to combine blue credits with another form of payment to pay for the upgrade.

Book an upgrade and pay with blue credits: 