Teambuilding activities

For your team, department or business partners.

Team-building at De Kookfabriek Amsterdam

115 Blue Credits - per person

This culinary workshop challenges your team to prepare a seasonal four-course menu. In addition, you can choose between challenges that appeal to your competitive spirit, creativity, or both. Develop a plan of approach, evaluate it with your chef and cook! Of course, there will be plenty to sample during the process and all drinks are included too. The ideal fun and tasty team-building experience.

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Round trip in a Dakota DC-3


From 190 Blue Credits per person.

A unique experience, perfect for company outings or relation events: step aboard a Dakota and admire the beautiful Dutch landscape from the sky. This classic aircraft offers a wonderfully nostalgic flying experience. Enjoy the total ‘Dakota Experience’.

Available as from summer schedule 2018

Workshop ‘Culinary Feast’ in Librije’s Atelier

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165 Blue Credits per person

Experience pure enjoyment during this culinary feast. A great opportunity for teambuilding or networking with relations, you’ll start with a wine tasting in the capable hands of Librije’s sommelier. You’ll then prepare a four-course dinner with your guests in Librije’s Atelier culinary school, followed by a sumptuous self-made dinner accompanied by fine wines.

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Enjoy a self-made four-course Librije menu

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155 Blue Credits per persoon

Cooking regional, seasonal products to create a top menu for you to enjoy together with your colleagues or relations? The chef at Librije’s Atelier loves to share the knowledge and passion of regional farmers, hunters, breeders and fishermen. You will then be using their products to prepare a four-course menu which you can enjoy with matching wines.

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Flight Simulator

Flight simulation
Always dreamed of flying an aircraft? Now you can do so in the Flight Simulator in the former control tower at Schiphol; the perfect location for a memorable day with your (business) relations or employees. There are three available packages.
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