RS Sports Dipping Dumbbell 2kg

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Those who feel fit and strong do better at work too! Thanks to their anatomical shape these dumbbells fit neatly in the hand and their angular design ensures they cannot roll away. Sure to make any workout enjoyable, the dumbbells can be used to train all muscle groups in a calm and precise way, and are also ideal when combined with aerobic exercises such as power walking.

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RS Sports Bosu Ball

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Feeling mentally and physically strong enhances your concentration and performance at work. The Bosu Ball balance trainer can help you, your colleagues or business relations train all the desired muscle groups, including stomach, back, arms, shoulders and legs, in a comfortable and responsible way. The Bosu Ball comes with a tubing set for even more exercise possibilities.

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KLM Golf Travel Cover

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Planning a golf trip? This stylish KLM travel cover offers the best possible protection for your whole set of golf clubs during transport. Its sturdy handle and reinforced bottom with handy wheels mean you can move the travel cover easily and comfortably. Your golf accessories can conveniently be stowed in the storage compartments.

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Set of 3 original KLM golf club headcovers

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These original headcovers protect your golf clubs and prevent clanging in your bag. Their unique looks are an immediate conversation starter, making networking much easier. The pompom headcovers come in sets of three: for your driver, your fairway wood and your hybrid golf club.

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TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker

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The TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker records your steps, active time, number of calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep time, 24/7. It also measures your fat percentage and muscle mass, monitors your heart rate and keeps track of your training and workouts in the sports mode. And you don't need to miss a single message or call from your phone. Ultra-elegant design and a stylish strap – in small or large – ensure a perfect fit.

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TomTom Golfer 2 GPS sports watch, large

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The TomTom Golfer 2 contains information about greens and hazards on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide, ensuring you never need to reach for the golf club unprepared. The automatic score card keeps track of the score while the automatic stroke detection and analysis feature helps you continuously improve, bringing your golf game to a higher level with every round.

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TomTom Adventurer GPS outdoor watch

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It may have won the IF Design Award 2017 but the beauty of the TomTom Adventurer is much more than skin deep. The special sports modes – that let you keep track of and improve your performance – help you get the most out of your outdoor activities. The Adventurer records your heart rate and statistics related to elevation, distance in 3D, tempo and more, all while you enjoy your favourite music: the integrated music player offers 3G space.

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KLM sports bracelet for iPhone

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Our busy professional lives make it even more important to stay fit. This KLM sports bracelet for your iPhone makes exercising much more fun by allowing you to listen to music or training instructions, or monitor your performance.

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