SUITSUIT Fabulous Fifties travel case 66 cm or 76 cm

140 Blue Credits (66 cm) 160 Blue Credits (76 cm)

Whether you're going on a business trip or holiday, a good-quality suitcase is a must. Stylish, strong, practical and easy-to-roll, travel cases by SUITSUIT are the ideal solution. Their fresh colours make the cases easy to spot on the baggage belt, saving you time in the process. The 66 cm case can accommodate two weeks of baggage, while the 76 cm is perfect for a three-week trip; with lots of space for souvenirs guaranteed.

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Order 66 cm Baby Blue
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Order 76 cm Mango Cream
Order 76 cm Baby Blue
Order 76 cm Paisley Purple
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SUITSUIT travel case 66 cm or 76 cm

130 Blue Credits ( 66 cm) 150 Blue Credits (76 cm)

Holidays are the perfect way to recharge your batteries. The strong, practical and super-comfortable travel cases from SUITSUIT with 360-degree rotating wheels ensure a carefree start to your holidays. Their striking colours also make them super-easy to spot on the baggage belt too. The 66 cm case can accommodate two weeks of baggage, while the 76 cm is perfect for a three-week trip; with plenty of space for souvenirs guaranteed.

Order 66 cm Grey Diamond Crocodile
Order 66 cm Red Diamond Crocodile
Order 66 cm Raw Denim
Order 76 cm Raw Denim Spinner
Order 76 cm Grey Diamond Crocodile
Order 76 cm Red Diamond Crocodile
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Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 cm

109 Blue Credits

This Samsonite case is perfect for business trips. Meeting the latest hand baggage guidelines, you can carry it on board and save precious (meeting) time waiting at the baggage belt. The case comes in classic colours, and has a practical layout including a large front pocket. The flexible wheels, adjustable handle bar and comfortable handles make this Samsonite the ideal travel companion.

Order Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 cm - Walnut Brown
Order Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 cm - Black
Order Samsonite Base Boost Upright 55 cm - Navy Blue
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Samsonite Fuze Spinner 55cm of 68cm

169 Blue Credits (55 cm), 189 Blue Credits (68 cm)

The classic Samsonite Fuze Spinner allows you to arrive at your destination in style. It is practical to use, with a front and back pocket, and a special compartment for your tablet. Extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its four double wheels, the double handle bars ensure extra sturdiness. Available in Cabernet red or black, this robust Samsonite is perfect for business trips.

Order Samsonite Fuze Spinner 55 cm - Cabernet Red
Order Samsonite Fuze Spinner 55 cm - Black
Order Samsonite Fuze Spinner 68 cm - Cabernet Red
Order Samsonite Fuze Spinner 68 cm - Black
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Samsonite Hip-Class Crossover 20 cm (7.9”)

59 Blue Credits

It's important when travelling with a laptop, tablet or other devices on your business trip that they arrive in one piece. Specifically designed for the safe transport of electronic equipment, this Samsonite Hip-Class provides the ideal solution, also for the daily commute.

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Samsonite baggage strap

17 Blue Credits

This suitcase strap ensures you travel in style, while protecting your baggage from damage or accidental opening. The best way to be sure your things arrive safely at your destination.

Order Samsonite Kofferriem
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Samsonite Spark SNG Spinner 55cm

169 Blue Credits

This ultra-reliable black case will travel anywhere, while its innovative TSA cable lock protects your items in both the main compartment and the front pockets. The double handle bars, four wheels and comfortable handles provide optimal comfort, making this suitcase ideal for your (business) trip.

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Samsonite Travel Pillow

13 Blue Credits

Arrive at your destination well-rested with this comfortable Samsonite Travel Pillow. Easily inflated, the travel pillow helps ensure an optimal focus in meetings, or an excellent start to your holidays. Once deflated, the pillow is small and easy to carry.

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Montblanc International passport holder

175 Blue Credits

This Montblanc passport holder is ideal for frequent travellers. Made from black European full-grain cowhide with the unique Montblanc sheen and jacquard lining featuring the Montblanc name and emblem, it has a pocket suitable for all international passports.

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KLM Golf Travel Cover

196 Blue Credits

Planning a golf trip? This stylish KLM travel cover offers the best possible protection for your whole set of golf clubs during transport. Its sturdy handle and reinforced bottom with handy wheels mean you can move the travel cover easily and comfortably. Your golf accessories can conveniently be stowed in the storage compartments.

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Handy KLM bowling bag

50 Blue Credits

Go back in time with this retro bowling bag by KLM, ideal for hand luggage on short flights. Carry your belongings in a real KLM bag, with a removable shoulder strap for optimum comfort.

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Rituals Travel Sets for him or her

90 Blue Credits

Your favourite facial care products in practical travel format, or a wonderful surprise in the shape of a handy and beautiful gift box in your loved ones' suitcase: Rituals Travel Sets – containing three sets for him or her – provide a fine moment of rest and relaxation on any trip, with a perfect result.

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Practical retro KLM toiletry bag

23 Blue Credits

Make sure you have all your toiletries in one place when travelling: the KLM retro toiletry bag for easy access to all your items.
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Tumi Voyageur M-Tote

325 Blue Credits

The Voyageur collection by Tumi is feminine, elegant in its simplicity, lightweight and practical. The M-Tote is the ideal everyday bag, whether you're out on the town for business or pleasure. Made from a durable, lustrous material, the bag offers leather shoulder straps and plenty of space, including a 13" laptop compartment. Perfect your journey with the Tumi M-Tote.

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Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass laptop bag

415 Blue Credits

This slim and elegant Tumi laptop bag allows you to go through security without removing your laptop from the case. Thanks to its T-Pass function, the bag meets TSA Checkpoint requirements: properly packed it enables an unobstructed scanning of the laptop section. However the TSA reserves the right to request to remove the laptop. Moreover, the zip pocket with Tumi ID Lock protects your personal data on your passport, credit cards and other IDs.

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Tumi Alpha 2 International 4 wheeled expandable carry-on

695 Blue Credits

A compact, lightweight yet super-strong case with a wealth of packing space; easily expanded with Add-a-Bag for even more capacity. With over 30 design, feature and technology enhancements, the Alpha 2 series by Tumi elevates your travel experience to a new level. Its smart functionalities make this carry-on the perfect partner on any business trip.

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Tumi V3 International Carry-On Pacific

365 Blue Credits

This hardcover carry-on by Tumi will make your travels more enjoyable. Easy to manoeuvre, you will have no trouble moving through the narrow aisles on board, while the polycarbonate material makes the carry-on virtually unbreakable; an important quality for regular airline passengers.

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Lancôme The Best of Fragrances set for women

56 Blue Credits

A perfume set with the five most legendary scents by Lancôme; chic and individually packaged. As a treat for yourself or someone else, the set is the perfect gift for Lancôme fans or collectors. Also ideal for travelling!

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Driest van Zijtveld travel collection

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TEMPORARY PROMO: Toiletbag for women from 170 to 120 Blue Credits

Perfection down to the finest details – that’s the travel collection by Driest van Zijtveld. These designer bags are made with luxurious materials, and have a practical and spacious design. The toilet bags are also very popular, adding panache to every bathroom.

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Tumi Alpha 2 split Travel Kit

95 Blue Credits

On the road you want all your toiletries together and easily accessible. The Travel Kit from the Tumi Alpha series offers a practical interior with solid pockets Combined with its useful hook, it is the perfect travel companion.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Garment cover

295 Blue Credits

Get your business outfit to your destination in one piece and be ready for your meeting. This garment cover transports your clothing in a simple and neat way without you having to worry about creasing.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Medium laptop cover

110 Blue Credits

When you're often on the road travelling for business, it is essential that your laptop remains intact. Carry your laptop safe and sound in this stylish perfect-fit Tumi laptop cover.

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Tumi Alpha Bravo Barstow shoulder bag

205 Blue Credits

A comfortable shoulder bag is a must-have. With plenty of space for all your essentials the slim Alpha Bravo Barstow is a refined, lightweight shoulder bag with plenty of storage.

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Driest van Zijtveld special offer

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120 Blue Credits

Complementing its travel and toiletry bags, Driest van Zijtveld has now designed chic passport covers for travelling in style.

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