Terms and conditions of Flexibility

Here is all you need to know about buying Flexibility to change your ticket.


1.1 For an additional payment, KLM offers the option to buy ‘Flexibility’. This optional service is offered only during the online booking process on KLM.com.

1.2 Flexibility is available only for flights that will depart and arrive within Europe and Israel. Changing your point of origin is not possible.

1.3 Buying Flexibility is possible during booking on KLM.com only, and for European flights that will depart in 10 or more days.

1.4 Once Flexibility has been purchased, the fee for changing the original ticket will be waived if the ticket is changed at least 48 hours before the departure of the relevant flight.

1.5 When changing a flight for which Flexibility was purchased, the ticket price may change only due to fare availability and tax recalculation. When changing to a lower fare type, the fare difference will not be reimbursed.

1.6 After a ticket for which Flexibility was purchased has been changed, the original fare conditions of the ticket will apply again.



2.1 Flexibility can be refunded if a refund is requested within 24 hours after purchasing Flexibility, and if KLM cancelled your flight. If flights are cancelled or rebooked, the KLM conditions of carriage will apply.

Read the KLM conditions of carriage