KLM Flight Bundle

On this page we provide information on the (travel) conditions and the temporary policy of KLM Flight Bundle. It is temporary not possible to buy a new KLM Flight Bundle.

What is KLM Flight Bundle?

With KLM Flight Bundle, you select one or more destinations in advance for a pre-set, fixed price. You decide on your travel dates at your convenience and therefore we will save you the last available seat in your travel class on every flight. Customize your own ideal bundle or share the bundle with your family, friends or colleagues.

Do you have a KLM Flight Bundle?

If you already have a KLM Flight Bundle, you can book or change a flight via the KLM Flight Bundle website.

Temporary change and cancellation policy Coronavirus

Due to the current measures, we have had to reduce our flight activity. You can change your booking via the KLM Flight Bundle website. For this we will charge no change fee. If you wish to cancel your booking or change the destination of your bundle, please contact the KLM Flight Bundle Contact Centre.

This temporary policy only applies to KLM Flight Bundle. For other bookings please consult the existing policies of KLM, available on the KLM-website.

1. Free extension of the validity of your KLM Flight Bundle

• The validity period of your bundle is automatically extended once until 30 June 2021 free of charge.

2. Free change or cancel for existing and new bookings

• You can change your future travel date or cancel your existing booking free of charge. In case of cancellation, the credits will be added back to your bundle.
• The new date is subject to the validity and conditions of your KLM Flight Bundle. These conditions are subject to change.

3. Change the destination of your entire KLM Flight Bundle to a multiple destination bundle without change fee

• You can change your entire bundle to a multiple destination bundle free of charge. A fare difference, if any, needs to be paid.

KLM Flight Bundle travel conditions

KLM Flight Bundle is only available in the Netherlands.

Note: in some countries different rules and measures apply than in The Netherlands. Before traveling please consult our Can I Fly page  to learn more about the travel advice and access requirements for your destination.


KLM Flight Bundle Contact Centre
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday from 07.00 until 22.00.
Telephone: + 31 (0)20 5459701

FAQ KLM Flight Bundle

Do you have question about KLM Flight Bundle? We would like to refer you to our FAQ-page.