KLM Flight Bundle

Unfortunately, KLM no longer offers KLM Flight Bundle as of 1 July 2021. If you currently have a KLM Flight Bundle, we will offer you the option of a refund for the unused flights in your bundle. On this page you will find more information regarding this subject.

Do you have a KLM Flight Bundle?

You do not have to take any action in case your bundle is fully used. If you still have unused flights in your bundle, we will of course offer you the option of a refund. Unfortunately we cannot extend the validity of your bundle.

Request a refund

In order to submit a refund of the unused flights in your bundle we need some information of you. We have already informed you about this by e-mail. We ask you to share your data via the contact form in this e-mail before 30 September 2021. The KLM Flight Bundle customer service team will then contact you within four weeks to initiate the refund. Please contact the KLM Flight Bundle Contact Centre before 30 September 2021 in case you did not receive our e-mail. If you already requested a refund, you do not have to submit this form again.


KLM Flight Bundle Contact Centre
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday from 07.00 until 22.00.
Telephone: + 31 (0)20 5459701
E-mail: KLM.flightbundle@klm.com

Terms and Conditions KLM Flight Bundle

On this page  you will find the KLM Flight Bundle Terms.