KLM has taken the lead in making the aviation industry more sustainable and reducing our CO2 footprint. We do so in various ways, including investments in biofuel and more sustainable aircraft, optimising our flight operations and compensating for emissions. This has already helped us reduce our total CO2 emissions by 15%.

Be a hero, fly CO2ZERO

But this is far from enough, which is why we want to involve our partners and passengers in our mission too. Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable future? You can! Our CO2ZERO programme enables you to compensate for your personal share of the CO2 emissions of your flight. The amount you contribute will be invested directly into the CO2OL Tropical Mix reforestation project in Panama by KLM. Some 88,000 passengers have already used our CO2ZERO service in 2018.

You contribute, we double the amount!
To show you that we are stronger together, we have a special offer during the KLM World Deal Weeks: we double every euro contributed by our passengers! This way, we can make twice the impact.

Do you want to compensate your CO2 emissions of your flight? Choose the CO2ZERO travel option when booking your flight via the KLM website or KLM app.

CO2OL Tropical Mix
The CO2OL Tropical Mix project transforms depleted grazing land into new tropical forests by planting native tree species. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, this also stimulates sustainable local development. Since the project started, the following goals have been achieved:

  • Over 7.5 million native tree species have been planted;
  • 15 endangered species have returned;
  • Sustainable forest management and cacao production have been stimulated;
  • Illegal logging has been combated via FSC certified wood production;
  • 150 local residents have found permanent employment;
  • The knowledge and skills of the local populations have been stimulated.

Conditions for doubling your CO2 compensation:

  • KLM will double the contribution of passengers who choose to compensate for their share of the CO2 emissions of their flight via the CO2ZERO programme for all tickets booked during the KLM World Deal Weeks (29 August to 16 September 2019).
  • NB: if you do opt to compensate for your flight please do so by 16 September at the latest so that the amount is included in the special ‘double-up’ promotion.
  • The CO2 compensation fees listed in our communication are indicators for flights operated by KLM. These amounts can vary for flights operated by our airline partners.
  • The CO2 doubling promotion does not apply to the Bluebiz compensation service with blue credits for your company.
  • Did you book a ticket via a travel agent? You can still compensate for your flight via My Trip  on
  • KLM will only double the contribution of tickets that depart from the Netherlands.