Terms and conditions for TDC and TCV vouchers

Find out all you need to know about KLM’s Travel Discount Certificates (TDC) and Transportation Credit Vouchers (TCV).

TDC and TCV vouchers

  1. The TDC may be redeemed only when purchasing a new ticket. The TCV may not be applied towards the purchase of any other miscellaneous services such as excess baggage, change fees and fare differences.
  2. The TDC or TCV can be redeemed for the purchase of any published fare issued by AIR FRANCE, KLM or Delta Air Lines. The use of a TDC/TCV is restricted to flights marketed by AIR FRANCE, KLM or Delta Air Lines.
  3. The TDC or TCV is transferable but it cannot be redeemed for cash or other considerations. Purchased TDCs can be confiscated. No copies of TDCs/TCVs will be accepted. Requests to replace a TDC will not be accepted.
  4. The TDC or TCV must be presented at the time the ticket is issued. TDCs will not be honored retroactively.
  5. No more than two TDCs or one TDC and one transportation credit voucher (TCV) may be combined towards the purchase of a new ticket.
  6. All rules pertaining to changes to and refunds for tickets bought using these certificates are governed by the regulations pertaining to published fares.
  7. The person who redeems a TDC or TCV is responsible for paying any taxes involved.TDC vouchers are valid for 2 years after the issue date, while TCV vouchers are valid for 1 year.