New ticket options for flights to South-America, Central America and the Caribbean



From 3 October 2018 onwards, KLM offers three new ticket options for Economy Class flights to South-America, Central America and the Caribbean (excluding Paramaribo): Light, Standard and Standard +. These options apply to flights from 10 October 2018.

Each option comes with its own services and conditions, allowing you to better align your travel to your personal wishes. The table below provides a clear overview of all Light, Standard and Standard + services and conditions.

In addition to selecting one of these three options, you can also customise your ticket with services such as Economy Comfort providing extra legroom or an à la carte-meal. You can do this when booking or at a later time.

Light, Standard and Standard + also apply to flights of Air France.

Branded fares

* Light and Standard: X, V, R, N, E, T, Q and L
Standard + : U, K, H, M, B and Y
** Flying Blue Explorer-members have in the case of Light, no check-in baggage. They have the right on a €10 discount on the first piece of check-in baggage if booked 24 hours prior to departure.