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Closing time of the baggage drop-off points

In the table below you will find the closing times for all baggage drop-off points. Times may vary if your flight is being serviced by a partner airline; please check the corresponding websites for correct baggage drop-off times. You will find the executing airline on your booking confirmation.

Closing times of the baggage drop-off points

Departure fromClosing times of the baggage drop-off points before scheduled departure*
Europe40 minutes


60 minutes for non-European flights

Caribbean & Antilles60 minutes



70 minutes

Middle East60 minutes
Asia60 minutes
South America60 minutes
North America60 minutes


120 minutes before departure

Africa60 minutes


90 minutes


90 minutes

*Closing time for the baggage drop-off point is the final moment that you may drop-off your baggage.

Please take into consideration that there may be a line at the Baggage Drop-off Point and immigration- & security check points. In accordance with our Transportation Policy, KLM cannot be held accountable if you are not at your gate on time.

Read our Transportation Policy here

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